Liam Turns 8 Months Old

Apparently January has gone by really quickly. Liam’s past month started with Christmas celebrations, New Year’s celebrations and a very sad goodbye to NanaPapa who returned home to New York on January 2nd. Ben returned to the office full time at the beginning of the month and Michala became a full time stay at home mom. Liam continues to grow in every way possible. He’s wearing mostly 6-9 month and 9 month clothes, he babbles all the time, and threatens us with crawling on a daily basis. He loves to sit in his room and play for hours on end and has discovered that he can roll all over the place to get anywhere he wants. He also loves to stand, but thankfully hasn’t showed much interest in pulling himself up on his own.  He has loved cousin time and enjoys hanging out on play mats with Avery. He’s slightly wary of his big cousin Asher, but when Asher isn’t right in his face he is completely mesmerized by everything that Asher does. His relationship with the dogs has continued to grow as he becomes more and more aware of them. He loves to stand holding onto Yuki and will sit and laugh at Tashii for no reason at all. Both dogs have also become more comfortable around him and have even become slightly playful with him now that they realize he’s not so breakable.

Liam continues to teethe on a fairly regular basis, but still no teeth have arrived. His hair seems to be holding steady lately at a light brown blonde color (darker in the front and lighter in the back) and his eyes are still a blue green brown color. The blue seems to be gradually fading and giving way to the green and brown though.

It has been fairly cold out lately so we’ve been enjoying mostly indoor activities including storytime at the local libraries, play dates with cousins and neighbors, a few trips to badminton, a few trips to indoor ultimate frisbee, and lots of play time. We have been so lucky with all of the various hand-me-downs we have received and the latest gift was an exersaucer (re-named the baby play station). He loves spending time in his play station and will laugh, babble, jump, and squeal with the many toys attached to it. He also received a little play table that he loves to stand at while pressing all of the colorful buttons to make lights and music appear.

We’re looking forward to his next month which we expect will have lots of new developments!


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