First Family Vacation

This past weekend we went on our first overnight family vacation. Each fall while living in Colorado we have made a tradition of going on a “family” vacation during our long Thanksgiving weekends with our dogs. We have gone to places including Moab, Santa Fe & Taos, and Northeast Utah. This year we decided to leave the girls behind on their own mini vacation at Nana & Papa’s and we packed up Liam and the car for a trip to Ouray, Colorado. We’ve been hearing for a long time that Ouray is the most beautiful place in Colorado and it’s a must see so we finally made the trip. After work and class on Thursday we packed up the car and started out west on I-70. Liam instantly fell sleep in the car and slept all the way to Glenwood Springs where we stopped for a quick dinner. He was then happily awake for another 2 hours before falling asleep for the rest of the trip. We arrived at our hotel in the dark (around 10:30pm) so we had a pleasant surprise when we woke up in the morning to beautiful snow covered mountain views surrounding us in every direction.

We spent Friday and Saturday going on beautiful hikes and exploring the town. Liam did the majority of his napping in the Ergo while we were out hiking, but also loved looking around everywhere on all of our hikes. He seems quite content to be outside where he has so much to look at. On Sunday we packed up and decided to take the scenic route home instead of I-70 and stopped at Black Canyon National Park (Liam’s first National Park) on our way home.

Throughout the entire trip Liam went under Loveland Pass and went over Vail Pass (10,666 feet), Red Mountain Pass (11,018 feet), Cerro Summit Pass (7,958 feet), Monarch Pass (11,312 feet), Trout Creek (9,346 feet), Red Hill Pass (9,993 feet) and Kenosha Pass (10,001 feet).

Friday afternoon hike

Mountain View from town


Sleepy boy after our day 1 hike

Day 2 Hike…can you see us?

Day 2 Hike: Dada took over on the way down

View from the Million Dollar Highway

Liam & Dada at the top of Red Mountain Pass

View beyond Red Mountain Pass

Frozen Lake along the Million Dollar Highway

Sunrise on Sunday Morning

Mountain view from Black Canyon National Park Entrance

View Down into Black Canyon

View into Black Canyon

Dada & Liam at Black Canyon

View of Black Canyon at the End of the Road

Stretch Stop on our way home

First View of Blue Mesa Reservoir

Blue Mesa Reservoir in Curecanti National Recreational Area

Another View of the Reservoir

View from the top of Monarch Pass

Collegiate Peaks

Park County

View from Red Hill Pass



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