Halloween Fun

This year, Halloween involved lots more activities than usual. Thankfully, we had so many different Halloween outings so Liam actually had a chance to wear all of his different costumes. We started our festivities back on the 19th (Dada’s birthday) with a visit to the Pumpkin Patch. Asher wore a sweater that was handmade years ago for Aunt Karyn. Avery wore a handmade sweater by Liam’s cousin Rachel and handmade hat by Liam’s Great Aunt Pi (both were too small for Liam already) and Liam wore cute hand-me-downs from Asher!

The 3 Boys!

Nana with her 3 Boys

Asher & Liam

Nana & Her 2 Littlest Boys

The following Friday we had a Pumpkin Carving party at Asher & Avery’s house.

All the finished Pumpkins!

Nana & Liam

Silly Face

Little Skeleton came out to play

Little Goofball

The 3 Boys

The Boys & Their Letter Pumpkins

We then went to a Saturday night party at our friends’ Christen & Jesse’s new house where Momma and Dada got to dress up as well!

Liam then got to go to a Barn Parade on Sunday morning where he got to finally meet Aunt Karyn’s horse, River! All three boys got to dress up as little dragons for the parade and River got to be a unicorn.

Liam kept giving River hugs

3 Dragons on a Unicorn

All 3 Dragons!

Liam & Asher with River

Momma with her 2 little dragons

Then on Halloween night we went back to Asher and Avery’s house for a trick-or-treat kids party.

The boys

Cousin Love

Cave Man & Woman find Baby Dino

Family Portrait

Tough Bikers found 2 Cute Babies!

It got late and somebody turned into a Pumpkin!



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