Liam Turns 5 Months Old!

OK, how did that happen? Liam’s fifth month started with a visit from Grandma Susan and a big BBQ party in the park with friends. The following weekend we then took Liam out to celebrate Oktoberfest in Olde Town Arvada. The weekend after that Dada got to go to the Great American Beer Festival with Tia while Momma stayed home sick and studied for an exam. We then celebrated Dada’s 40th birthday in style with a pub crawl through Olde Town Arvada with a bunch of friends and family. Liam was a great sport and thanks to Nana & Papa his parents got to stay out until almost 11pm!

Liam has continued to gradually develop and grow. He loves interacting with the dogs and they are still in love with him although big cousin Asher has taught the dogs to be wary of any human smaller than an adult. He has begun to sit for little bits at a time before tumbling over. He enjoys spending time sitting in his bumbo and has in general become much more interactive with everything around him. He is still shoving absolutely everything into his mouth and occasionally gets fussy with all the discomfort of little teeth moving around under his gums. Still no teeth visible though.

Tummy Time on the Mat

Sweet Sleeping Boy

Nap Time with Nana

Silly Time with “Uncle” Eric

Liam’s contemplating his attack on Eric’s beard (blueberry hat made by Great Aunt Faith)

Fun with “Aunt” Arline!

Liam with “Uncle” Jesse & “Aunt” Tin Tin


Snuggles with Jesse


Chilling with Monty


Hello World


Constant Wiggles and Smiles


Sitting with Nana



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