Liam Turns 4 Months Old

OK, so somehow an entire month flew by and we barely even noticed. We are all settling into our new family life and having Nana & Papa live just 20 minutes away. The dogs and Liam are gradually beginning to interact more and more with each other and it’s fun to watch their relationships grow. Tashii is definitely extremely attached to her little boy and continues to check on him at all hours of the day. We’ve enjoyed a few family hikes, ultimate frisbee, a rally for President Obama, extended Peabody family dinners, family walks with the dogs, and lots of snuggling.

At his 4 month appointment, Liam weighed in at 14 pounds 6 ounces and was measured at 24 and 3/4 inches long! That means he has more than doubled his birth weight  and he has also grown nearly 6 inches since he was born! All in just four months! He has currently passed on all of his under 3 month clothes to his not-so-little little cousin, Avery, and is mostly wearing 6 month clothes now. He also survived his 4 month shots, but seemed to be hit a little bit harder than the last round and was out of sorts for a few days.

The latest Liam changes over the past month are that he absolutely loves putting everything in his mouth (toys, blankets, hands, clothes, Momma’s ears, other people’s fingers, etc) and drools all the time. He has also really started to roll onto his sides a lot more frequently and loves grabbing for everything. He now sits in his little green bumbo chair with his baby spoon in his mouth when Momma and Dada eat meals and has become very interested in food. He seems to resist naps and remains awake for longer periods while over- exhausting himself so that he doesn’t miss any of the action. He is still a fairly good night time sleeper and likes to be in bed for about 12 hour stretches (with nursing every 2-6 hours of course) and mornings are everyone’s favorite time together. Tashii (with supervision) has started snuggling with Liam and he loves to grab her fur. Liam especially loves to pull on the dogs’ faces and ears and bless their hearts, they just lay there and put up with it!

The following photos are a few of our favorites from the past month!

Dada packing for a trip

Dada’s Grilling Helper

Liam with his baby cousin and the two mommas

Liam & Avery in matching outfits

Momma & Liam

Still nice and sweet in the Boppy

Cute Little Stripes

All ready to meet Mr President!

All bundled up and heading out with Nana & Papa to meet the President!

Reading one of his favorites with Dada


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