Gammy & Poppy Visit!

Gammy and Poppy came out to visit for a long weekend and got to meet Liam for the first time! The weekend was spent with lots of cuddle time, yummy food, and nice walks. We started the weekend with Liam recovering from his 2 month baby check up which involved several shots so he was quite sleepy and not completely himself, but thankfully he still wasn’t cranky or fussy. Gammy got to spend lots of time reading to him while Poppy enjoyed lots of one on one snuggle time. It’s obvious both have some recent experience with grandbabies and Liam enjoyed staring into their faces and showing off his giant smiles and laughs.

Liam & Poppy meet!

Family walk along Clear Creek in Golden










Poppy & Liam have some snuggle time





Gammy keeps an eye on Liam while out to breakfast

Poppy feeds Liam while Momma is at work








Liam peeking around Gammy after bath time

Three generations of Williams “boys”



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