Liam Turns TWO months old!

It’s hard to believe that our little guy has been in our lives for two whole months already. It seems like he only just arrived and at the same time it seems as thought he’s been with us and a part of our family for much longer. We are so in love with our family (two parents, two dogs, and our little wiggler) and can’t imagine life being any other way. The past two months have literally flown by with a flurry of family visitors, family walks, outings to parks with the dogs, visits with our local Colorado friends, and both of us returning to work.

Over the past month Liam has grown quite a bit and is finally growing out of his newborn clothes. They are all still too wide on him, but he just keeps getting bigger and longer. It’s been fun putting all of the new clothes on him and taking as many pictures as we possibly can. One of the best developments of the past month is Liam’s smile! It’s the absolute most infectious smile we’ve ever seen and he’s getting pretty good at it. In the past week his smile has become a steady part of our lives and he now greets all faces with a giant smile and/or laugh, but still seems to save his biggest smiles for Momma and Dada. He still wiggles constantly in his awake state, but also loves to just sit in someone’s arms (he’s not usually too particular about who holds him) and stare out at the world taking in as much as he possibly can. He started using a bottle a few times a day and has no problems switching back and forth from the bottle and the real thing. His sleeping patterns have also improved and with utilizing the guest bedroom Liam’s parents can take turns with getting a really good night of sleep before going to work the next morning especially now that Dada can feed him with a bottle.

Michala started back at work a few weeks ago and will continue to work until the end of August when her job will be ending. She is currently working three days a week when Ben is able to work from home so we don’t have to leave Liam in childcare. So far it seems to be working and everyone is still happy.

Liam had his two month check up 2 days ago weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs 10 oz and 22 inches long. That keeps him in the 10th percentile in weight, dropping to the 25th percentile in height, and he apparently has a tiny head in the 2nd percentile. Overall, he is still growing well and perfectly healthy! He also survived a slew of shots like a champ! We had to hear his sad in pain baby screams, but we got him nursing immediately and he calmed down within a few minutes. We survived the first round of shots with no fever, but he was extremely exhausted, lost his appetite, and his tummy/digestive system reverted back to where he was a few weeks ago with lots of gas discomfort. Today on his 2 month birthday he appears to be back on his regular schedule and has turned right back into his normal happy self.

Right now we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby Colacioppo who’s due date arrived yesterday. We’re also really excited to hear news of two friends who will be expecting their own little ones this coming spring!

The biggest development that we are all looking forward to in Liam’s third month is the arrival of his little baby cousin! Also, Nana and Papa will be returning to Colorado in August for an extended stay to help take care of their growing clan of grandbabies!

Liam’s first bottle and he’s already trying to hold it!

and he finally fits into the Ergo carrier infant insert!







Chillin’ after bath time

Story time with Grandma Susan




Big yawn

Dada getting himself pumped for a night of ultimate frisbee










Cousin time with Asher












Mini Loomis Reunion with Lindsay!









Sometimes I chill for a few minutes in my Bumbo

And sometimes I like chillin’ on my play mat







Bath time is pretty fun now!

Little Hands

Loving the hoodie!






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