Uncle Owen Visits!

Uncle Owen got to come out for a nice long weekend and got in a lot of quality time with Liam. Sadly, the weather wasn’t cooperating too much and we ended up with several days with pouring rain that kept us inside for the majority of his visit. Despite the rainy days we still managed to get out and play some ultimate frisbee pick up (even Momma got to play a few points!), take a rainy hike up in Evergreen, visit the giant dog park for a sunset walk, visit with Michala’s sister and family (including Bubbe and Zayde, Scott’s parents!) in Golden, have a BBQ with friends, and enjoyed a Harry Potter movie marathon which I believe included all but the first and last movies. Uncle Owen also was able to get out into the mountains for a nice hike on his own on his last day in CO.

Uncle Owen Meets Liam





Hanging out on the patio

Uncle Owen teaching Liam the “Monkey Hang Grab”













Liam with a successful “Monkey Hang Grab”

Hiking in Evergreen










Sunset at the Dog Park

Uncle Owen in Evergreen



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