Happy Fourth of July!

Liam had a fairly uneventful day with temperatures once again soaring above 90 degrees and smoke taking over the sky. We spent the majority of the day inside with the exception of a photo shoot of Liam trying on his fancy 4th of July outfits and accessories.

Ben spent the morning catching up on sleep after being awake the majority of the early morning while Michala and Liam played downstairs. In the afternoon after the photo shoot we settled in to watch the Gladiator. We knew it was going to take us a long time to watch the movie, but didn’t expect it would take nearly 7 hours when all was said and done.

Our friend Delia joined us half way through the movie and enjoyed some special Liam time. Liam also decided that he was going to be awake and hungry for the majority of the afternoon and didn’t fall asleep for his “early afternoon” nap until just before 9pm.

Chillin’ in his sweet shades!

Trying out his new 4th clothes on the changing table









Dada has big hands!












“My first 4th of July”

Liam apparently likes this position





Dada thinks my shades are pretty sweet!











Apparently the shades were popular







Tashii even tried them on!














Proof that Liam slept at one point during the day even if it was just for 20 minutes






Playing on his mat!










“Auntie” Delia came to visit!!!


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