Grandma’s first visit!

Grandma Susan came out to Colorado for her first glimpse of Liam!


Grandma chillaxing with grandson Liam

We all had a good time hanging out with the little tyke, and Grandma performed some helpful chores such as cleaning the microwave, which had never been done before to my knowledge. She got to spend some quality time with LXW, and even logged a couple hours with him sleeping on her (see pic).

Aside from baby-gazing and hanging out, we also hit up Manneken Frites in Olde Towne, and tooled around town looking for a functioning bouncy chair (no luck).

Grandma Susan also introduced Liam to his theme song “Dr. Duck,” a remix of the original that she used to sing to me (Ben) when I was a baby. Hopefully next time she will break out the new version of “Crazy Supper Farm,” another ’70s classic.

It was a great introduction for Grandma and grandson, and Liam hopes to see Grandma again this fall!


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