Happy Anniversary Momma & Dada!

Three years ago yesterday Ben and Michala said “I Do” in Stowe Vermont! A lot has changed since then, but we’re pretty happy with how things have turned out. We are still as busy as ever and we definitely haven’t slowed down at all with the addition of Liam.

The two of us had been trying to figure out what kind of low key celebration we could do for our anniversary and did not really come up with much. Aunt Karyn had offered to babysit if we wanted to go out to eat, but we hadn’t really talked too much about it. When Papa left on Tuesday he left a sweet Happy Anniversary card for us and we thought, “oh that’s so nice of him to remember when it’s still something like a week away.” Oops, it was a day away. So needless to say we both sort of lost track of what day it was and never planned anything.

Despite the lack of planning we ended up having a nice day at home together. Michala got to do some serious sleeping in after being awake for several hours in the middle of the night. Ben got to work from home. Our friends Jason and Yael came over with a pizza lunch for us and it was nice to finally see them after so many weeks. A storm rolled through in the late afternoon bringing some much needed cooler air and a few drops of rain. So with the cooler air, Michala, Liam and the dogs went out for a nice evening walk while Ben went to go take a “nap”. Ben’s “nap” lasted 4 hours.

Our friend Christen arrived in the evening to deliver Liam’s “birthday” gift which is a set of locally made letter blocks with his name! After Christen’s departure, Liam decided he wanted to have less than 20 minute breaks between nursing so that took up the rest of Michala’s evening until Ben took over with a bottle at 11pm.

So with a fairly uneventful day, our third anniversary came and went and we’ve now moved on to another day. We did, however, decide that July 27th of this year we will do some sort of celebration for our anniversary.


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