Papa Visits!

After a few days on our own Papa arrived last Wednesday to greet his newest grandson. Michala, Papa and Liam got to spend a quiet day at home on Thursday together. Papa helped out making sure Michala ate food (strawberries & bananas for lunch! Mmmm), hanging out with Liam so Momma could take a shower, and he even fixed the patio door!

Papa enjoying his newest and littlest grandson

Friday, the whole family took a trip to Liam’s 1 month pediatrician visit where we learned our little guy is doing an excellent job growing. He is now in the 50th percentile in height (21.5 inches) and the 10th percentile in weight (8 lbs 5oz). After our appointment we all headed to Golden where Dada got to play some ultimate frisbee, Papa got to play in the sandbox all afternoon with his other grandson, Asher, in 100 degree weather, and Momma and Liam got to relax inside with the air conditioning.

Papa got to spend the weekend playing with Asher and returned to Liam’s house after a big family dinner of everyone’s favorite “Daddy’s Mac n’ Cheese” and “Special Chocolate Sauce” (not all together, the sauce was on ice cream for dessert) in Golden.

Monday morning we took Papa out to eat at our favorite breakfast spot, Sunrise Sunset, for Liam’s first real public outing. He was a champ and slept the entire time in the car seat! We then spent the afternoon playing with Asher in the pool and Ben even got to bring Liam over to the pool for a little socializing.

Tuesday morning Papa got to have some nice time with Liam while Momma got to sleep in a little bit more before we had to say our goodbyes and send Papa on his way to the airport. We will all miss Papa, especially the dogs who greatly enjoyed their morning and evening walks through the neighborhood hunting for sprinklers with him. Hopefully when he returns with Nana in the late summer the temperatures will no longer be in the triple digits and there will be fewer than 12 wildfires surrounding us.

We’re now looking forward to a few days of down time before Grandma Moger arrives on Friday!


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