Nana Visits!

After a few days of surviving on our “own” with the help of our friends delivering meals to us each night and Michala’s sister being amazing with any and all support we needed, Nana finally arrived on Friday June 1st! She was planning on arriving here with a few days to spare before Liam’s arrival, but that obviously didn’t work out as planned.

We surprised Nana at the airport as she thought Ben was going to be picking her up, but Liam and Michala were quietly waiting in the car to surprise her. She was definitely quite surprised and put on quite a show of tears, smiles and kisses for her newest grandson.

Nana’s trip flew by with her running around like crazy to take care of the three of us on top of trying to get as much time as possible with her other grandson, Asher. Her presence made Ben’s return to work much more bearable as she did an excellent job of making sure the kitchen was clean and stocked with food, the laundry was washed and hung out to dry, the floors were vacuumed, the dogs were walked, and both Ben and Michala were fed each morning, day, and night.

Some highlights of her visit were Liam’s first outing where we went to City Park to watch Ben play ultimate Frisbee, a nice family dinner for Michala’s birthday, Liam’s first bath, and a spa day at the house where Nana treated Michala, Karyn and Asher to facials and foot scrubs and massages.

Overall, it was a great visit and Nana was extremely helpful as the two of us attempted to figure out how to survive as new parents off of a minimal amount of sleep.

Now, we’re looking forward to Papa’s arrival next week as we continue the parade of grandparents coming to visit their newest grandson.


One response

  1. Oh my goodness! That all makes me tired!

    But it was a joy to be with you and to watch this new little family settle in together. Liam is a lucky little boy. Much Love, Nana

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