Mother’s Day

The two moms and cousin/sibling!

I think Ben and I are off to a good start with Mother’s Day pampering. After a fairly busy day on Saturday that included breakfast at our favorite spot, Sunrise Sunset, an Infant CPR & first-Aid course, and dinner at a friend’s house I got to sleep in a little on Sunday. I woke up to a puppy curled up beside my face and a husband taking my breakfast order. After snuggling back into the covers (and dog fur) for a little while I woke up to breakfast in bed along with my favorite chocolate, a card, some new bubble bath, and a promise of a foot scrub and massage. Not bad, right?

We then packed up the dogs and made our way into Denver for Ben’s ultimate Frisbee league. The rain held off and it was surprisingly nice considering the overcast weather (more like a nice northeast spring day instead of a CO spring day). From the park we headed home, grabbed some lunch, and took off for the Arvada Center to watch Shakespeare’s 12th Night. Somehow we ended up with center stage 3rd row seats in the Black Box Theater! Again, not bad, right?

After the play we picked up some yummy Belgian Frits and went to visit a friend who had just had surgery on Thursday. We spent the evening relaxing on her back deck with her dogs and a mostly sunny sky.

All in all it was a pretty busy weekend, but Ben did an excellent job pampering me and I was able to get just enough rest in to make it through to Monday. This week of work is promising to be a rough one with lots of long hours, trainings, and meetings. Only a few more weeks until my birthday! (That would also be Pumpkin’s due date)


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