Ben & Michala Update

A lot has happened in the past few weeks since our last “real” update. Ben has continued to play as much ultimate Frisbee as possible by playing in both Sunday morning and Tuesday evening leagues. He has also continued playing badminton on a somewhat regular basis and even competed in a badminton tournament this past weekend. No medals earned, but had the satisfaction of losing to the eventual winners. He has also managed to cross off several items on our master to-do list. Meanwhile, Michala has finished school and is now at a loss with all of this free time! Yay!

On the baby front everything is moving along well. We are now onto weekly midwife appointments and each check up shows that our little Pumpkin is happy and healthy and now at 36 weeks we’ve been told he can arrive any day now! We’re hoping he stays put for at least a few more weeks so we can finish getting everything ready. We recently chose a team of doulas that we’re excited about. We both loved them right from the beginning and we’re looking forward to working with them and having them help guide us through this crazy adventure of birth and newborn parenting. A plus side is that both doulas are also lactation consultants so we suspect they will be very helpful after Pumpkin arrives.

The latest development is that Michala has been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions for almost two weeks now. They are a little more frequent than most, but under control and will help strengthen everything for when the time comes and the real contractions begin. Pumpkin is still moving around as much as ever (usually they start to slow down a little at this point because they run out of room) and has a favorite place on the right side where he likes to stick his foot out just under the ribs. A few weekends ago Pumpkin’s big cousin, Asher, even got to feel his foot pop out on the side. We think Asher is getting excited to have a new little cousin in his family, or at least he likes that now whenever he comes over there are tons of new toys to play with.

This weekend we are attending an Infant & Toddler CPR and First Aid class and then we will have two prenatal meetings with our doulas in the next few weeks. With the majority of our major preparations under control we’re looking forward to maybe getting some last minute cleaning and relaxation in before Pumpkin’s arrival.

If you ask nicely, Ben might post a few photos of the growing belly alongside Pumpkin’s growing CO cousins!


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