Busy Busy Weekend

Prior to this past weekend we finished putting together all of the furniture in Pumpkin’s room and finally got the closet doors up! On March 23rd we watched Asher so his parents could have a much deserved birthday dinner date night out. We then proceeded to mostly relax the remainder of the weekend. Michala was on spring break from class last week so she had a little breather and only had to go to work each day and not worry about class and homework. We went to a Breast Feeding class last week as well and learned all about latching on, our available resources and the positive statistics of breast feeding.

This past weekend was a blur with lots of activity. Were to begin? Nana was in town, a  family dinner,  a Blessing Way combined with a Baby Shower, a birthday dinner, a family hike, a trip to the second hand consignment baby shop, and absolutely beautiful weather!

Nana arrived on Thursday afternoon and got to spend lots of quality time with a slightly hyper-active Asher who was very excited to have his Nana’s full undivided attention. Michala got to join up with Nana, Asher and Karyn for lunch on Friday and then we all had a nice family (dogs included) dinner in Golden. Saturday morning Michala attended her Blessing Way/ Baby Shower put on by Karyn and her absolutely amazing Colorado friends (Lindsee, Renee, Christen and Yael). Everything about the blessing way/shower was beautifully touching and Michala is still completely overwhelmed by the love and support of the strong and powerful women in her life. Much more on that to come later once we get pictures to put up! After the shower we managed to put away and organize most of our fabulous gifts and even fit in a little bit of rest before heading out for our good friend Eric’s 35th birthday dinner.

After getting home late on Saturday night we managed to get up Sunday morning and tackle a few house chores prior to heading to Golden and eventually Evergreen for a family hike/bike up in the beautiful foothills. We got to watch Asher amaze all the mountain bikers with his two-wheeler big boy bike skillz. How many 30 pound 3 year olds do you know who can ride a two-wheeler out on the trails? The dogs were thrilled to get out and hike and we all enjoyed being out in the sun. We had a nice lunch at the Smiling Moose and then headed for home in the late afternoon.

Michala and Nana then had a very successful trip to the local baby consignment shop where Nana couldn’t contain herself and proceeded to buy Pumpkin some ridiculously cute clothes all for under $5! We also snagged some useful items such as sheets and baby carriers.

We sent Nana on her way home early Monday morning and we spent Monday night recuperating and enjoying some down time with our pups.

Next weekend…celebrating another birthday on Saturday, maybe a hike with the pups, some chemistry homework, some house chores and lots of relaxation!


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