Operation Dinner Outside

We had a yummy dinner out on our patio, the door of which blew off its hinges last night. Grilled chicken salad for Michala; grilled bison burgers and avocado slices for Ben, and grilled chipotle-seasoned sweet potato fries for all. Oh yeah and some pinot noir for babydaddy. šŸ™‚

What’s up, blogojovichosphere? It’s starting to get nice out so we decided to eat out on the patio, such as it is. The wind was insane last night and blew the door off (you can see it lying sideways across the opening behind Michala).

The wind also carried a huge plume of smoke across the metro area last night from the wildfires up in the mountains. Luckily we are far removed from that.

But I did start my own fire, and grilled up some bison burgers and some sweet potato fries, and M made a fresh salad. (See photo details!) Stay tuned for pictures of the nursery, complete with dresser and crib.

Mmm. Bison. Not to be confused with M. Bison. Does anyone get that?

Ensalata! Con avocados! Y pollo!


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