And the Third Trimester Begins

With the start of Week 27 we are now entering into the third and final trimester. Yay! So what does the third trimester mean? Well, we are about two thirds of the way through the pregnancy. This weekend we’ll be finishing up our child birth education class. Later this month we will be taking an Infant CPR and Safety class as well as taking a cloth diapering class so we’ll finally be able to distinguish between the literally hundreds of different choices of cloth diapers and Michala’s amazing Colorado friends are throwing her a shower. Ben finishes up his writing seminar this week and gets to go to a Daddy Boot Camp class in April while Michala gets to continue taking her Chemistry class until the beginning of May (Final exam takes place at week 36). In May we’ll be squeezing in any last minute classes we couldn’t get to, finalizing plans, and making sure everything is in order to Pumpkin’s imminent arrival.

During this time Pumpkin will be growing at a steady pace and his brain will be continuously developing to prepare him for the outside world that will great him in June. Meanwhile, Michala will most likely continue to feel more and more uncomfortable as the weeks move on.

With all of that going on we hope there will still be time and energy for some fun. Ben is planning on playing in an ultimate Frisbee spring league with friends and between homework and exams we’re hoping to be able to get out for some good hikes with the dogs this spring.


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