Mt Evans Snowshoe

Echo Lake was a freezing tempest of cold

Today after a relatively late start we took off into the mountains with the pups and our snowshoes!

We headed for Echo Lake, on the road to Mount Evans, south of Idaho Springs (Colo.) The weather at home was in the high 50s, snow was melting, so we considered staying home, but decided to head up despite the late hour.

We hit the trail around 4 and quickly entered the Mt. Evans Wilderness. The winds were fierce, and it was about 30 degrees colder at 11,000 feet than at our home altitude of 5600 or so. There were several feet of snow, so our snowshoes were great, Ben used his birthday present from 2010, a pair of 2012 Atlas snowshoes.

It was awesome! We went up for about an hour, then turned back. The dogs, as usual, went about three times as far as us, going up the trail and back to check on us. We both took a turn flopping into the snow, which was extremely comfy until the cold set in.

Along the way, we saw some snow graffiti with people’s initials, so we practiced writing our son’s future initials. What were they you ask? Any commenters will get a hint. 🙂 All in all it was fun, and great to get out into the Rockies for some snowshoeing, plus we missed most of the I-70 traffic going back into Denver.


4 responses

  1. hey you two! i just discovered your blog – LOVE it. love the baby room, your mom did such a nice job and i LOVE the face, that you’re pregnant! so happy for you. sending my love,

  2. p.s. i’m totally into primates…just traveled all the way to borneo to see wild orang utans – amazing!
    there…that should have earned me three hints to your baby’s future initials 😉

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