La Jolla Babymoon

I’m not sure if we have ever had a more relaxing vacation together and in the end neither of us was ready to head home. Just about the only thing pulling us back towards Colorado was the fact that we didn’t have Yuki and Tashii with us and after 4+ days without them we were starting to miss them.

The Luxurious entrance to the Bed and Breakfast Inn at La Jolla

We stayed at a beautiful historic inn and had our own private entrance through the garden. We spent the majority of our time wandering along the shores of the Pacific enjoying the changing tides, sea lions, seals, pelicans and sunsets. We had amazing food everywhere we went as well with the highlight being our daily sit down 3 course gourmet breakfast at the Inn.

Baby bump at sunset!

We spent all day Friday at the San Diego Zoo which is something I highly recommend to everyone who visits the area. I think my favorite part was the lost forest with all the primates although the polar bears were extremely entertaining.

On Saturday our big outing was the Birch Aquarium which I also highly recommend especially for people with kids because it is extremely interactive. They have a whole outdoor section on renewable energy and an entire section dedicated to sea horses.

All in all it was a fabulous trip that involved lots of ocean time, sleep, gentle exercise, excellent food, relaxation, and animals! Now, the question remains…who’s going to watch Pumpkin for us when we go back next year?


Us with a panda who is napping. Hard.

Giraffe mom and baby

Polar bear antics

Spray zone - look out!

Chinese jaguar I think?

Cute zebra


3 responses

  1. Beautiful baby bump pumpkin photo at sunset! I wish someone had seen me in such a lovely light when I carried my babies. And what a terrific wild animal park. Maybe I can tag along next time Susan comes to visit. I am an excellent rocker with babies.

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