We’re Half Way There!

We have finally reached week 20, which means we have reached the half-way point! Aside from the weekly updates not too much else has been happening in the world of Pumpkin since our Long Island Christmas adventures. We have both settled back into work and both started classes. Ben is taking an 8 week writing workshop and Michala started her semester of Chemistry. We have both struggled through tough winter colds and survived. We’ve enjoyed a few snow storms and the dogs have enjoyed snow baths on their daily walks. We are also looking forward to visiting with Great Aunt Faith and Great Uncle Jon during their visit to Colorado this week!

We have also begun (or should I say continued) the daunting task of clearing out our office (after buying a huge new bookshelf, we have no room for any more books!) so we can turn it into the nursery. We now have a deadline to have it cleaned and emptied by the last weekend of January when Nana is due to arrive and paint it! We’re planning on keeping the pale green walls and having Nana paint trees and monkeys! Therefore, for those of you who have been wondering…we’re planning on a green and brown monkey theme.

Plans for the second half of pregnancy include completing the nursery with furniture and decorations, going on a babymoon trip for just the two of us (destination to be determined), completing a childbirth class, completing a few additional classes, continuing to exercise on a regular basis, and do all sorts of other baby preparations that are sure to come our way.


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