Long Island Christmas!

This Christmas we traveled to New York to be with the Long Island Williamses, and the Tasmanian Coles.

Bey admires a new toy as Lil hands out more presents and Poppy Tom looks on.

Andy, Cat, Lilith and Bey were visiting for a month so it was the perfect time to go back to Ben’s childhood home. Christmas was a flurry of croissants and excited kids, a fitting prelude to Pumpkin’s first Christmas next year! We all had fun enjoying the kids excitement and of course opening our own presents.

It was great to catch up with family and some good friends from Ben’s high school days back in the Ming Dynasty. Ben was particularly happy to be around both brothers at the same time, which does not happen very often these days.

Uncle Owen throws a pass to Uncle Andy in a rare game where all three bros were playing together. Last time was in 2005 or so in Holland.

Michala took Pumpkin for a couple of runs, and Ben got some exercise playing Ultimate with several generations of Puffins at the Middle School.

We also took Pumpkin’s first trip to the Atlantic Ocean, which was especially nice for Ben, who likes to be near the water.

We got to see our good friends Mark and Lisa’s house and hang out with Carl, Gard and Ashley and Ed and Nora and their kids. A great reunion, made all the sweeter by Mark’s basement arcade and multiple beer fridges, fully stocked with malted beverages from all across the globe.

The time went by quickly, and we made it home safely after a week or so back at sea level. All in all a great time!

Ben and Michala at Smith's Point on Long Island, Xmas 2011. Rockin the beard.


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