Grandma Moger/Mom/Susan visit 2011

Ben’s mom aka Grandma Moger came for a visit in December! We had a few fun activities planned and played other things by ear. We hit some of our favorite restaurants, Sunrise Sunset, Blue Bonnet, and BeauJo’s Pizza. One of our impromptu trips was to Loveland Pass.

Mom strolled up to the summit of one of the rises, easily passing 11,000 feet of elevation. It was a perfectly clear day and there was not too much snow, so we were able to walk around a little and the dogs had fun romping up some hills with Michala (and Pumpkin). We also spent some quality time with Asher, and hit up the new Ikea in Centennial to look at some cribz.

Of course Mom and I rocked a movie, seeing Hugo, mom’s first ever 3-D film. (Somehow she missed Avatar). I am sure we did a few other things, but they are escaping me at the moment. Feel free to comment and I will update the post 🙂

Below is an attempt at inserting a photo gallery into a blog post. Fun times!


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