Welcome to Trimester Two!

I suppose we’re settling into this whole pregnancy thing. The last week Ben asked, “how are you doing now?” after I had been struggling with a pretty bad tummy ache. My response, “well, my tummy is doing a little better, but now I really have to pee, I’m kinda hungry again, and my back is killing me.” Ben’s response…laughter. Well, I guess that means he’s getting used to his wife being uncomfortable 24/7, right?

This week marks the end of the first trimester, which I’m pretty sure everyone is probably happy about. It means that not only the chances of things going wrong have rapidly decreased, but the very unwanted symptoms of the first few months will really start to decrease. I’ve already noticed one significant change that is occurring; my bed time is creeping back up towards 9pm.

At this point, most of our family knows about Pumpkin and we are working on getting the word out to our friends and co-workers.


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