Thanksgiving Adventures

We arrived safely back home from our adventures in northeast Utah last night. We had an excellent time hiking and playing outside as well as getting in some much needed relaxation. The dogs loved the trip so much that they have been sleeping ever since we returned home.

Day 1 Thanksgiving: After driving in to Vernal, UT through an extremely foggy haze the night before, we woke up on Thanksgiving morning to more of the same with hoar frost covering everything in sight. We took off in the morning for Fantasy Canyon south of town. The canyon was a tiny little oasis of windswept sandstone in the center of oil and gas country. The native legend is that the evil spirits from the underground were frozen by the eagles when they tried to escape into our world. We spent the day wandering around through the mysterious formations, the dogs had fun climbing around and the mischievous spirits stole one of Yuki’s boots.

Day 2: With the fog nearly dissipated we set off North for Ashley National Forest and the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The reservoir was formed around 50 years ago by a massive hydroelectric dam in the Green River. We spent the remainder of the morning hiking along the Green River watching many fishermen hard at work. The dogs were thrilled to be out on the trail and Tashii even found and gobbled up some fresh fish guts. Eew Gross! We then continued through more of the National Forest to find the perfect sunset location at Red Canyon with the Green River far below. Nature had another plan and gave us a snow storm instead of a sunset and we returned to Vernal and enjoyed an evening out at the Dinosaur Brew Haus.

Day 3: We started our day at the local Dinosaur Museum. We learned that Vernal is not only a hot bed for sedimentologists (oil & gas geologists), but also Paleontologists. We then picked up the dogs at the hotel and headed northeast to the Utah side Dinosaur National Monument. We got to explore the quarry, which re-opened this fall after being closed for the last 5 years for repairs, where we literally saw a jumbled pile of hundreds of dinosaur bones. We also got to see 1,000 year old petroglyphs from the Fremont People and historic homesteads. After a day of dinosaurs and history we caught the sunset over the Uintah Mountains beyond Steinaker Reservoir.

The Yampa and Green Rivers meet near this cool fault in Dinosaur Natl Monument in Colorado.

Day 4: We packed up the car and headed to the Colorado side of Dinosaur National Monument in Dinosaur, CO. Disclaimer, there are no dinosaur bones here. They are only located at the Quarry on the Utah side of the monument. However, the landscape was beautiful and even breathtaking in areas and we even took the dogs out for a 2 mile hike to the tip of a narrow bluff overlooking the confluence of the Yampa and Green Rivers. We then returned to the road and began our long journey back home.

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

PS. Ben says he’s going to be adding photos so stay turned


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