Trimester One Almost Done!

We’re getting very close to being done with the dreaded first trimester. Every pregnancy symptom you can come up with just shy of actually vomiting has been experienced to its fullest; nausea, cravings (sliced tomatoes, fruit, grilled cheese), food turn offs (almost all veggies at one point as well as all food for about a week), dizziness, headaches, full panel of digestive issues, cramps, back pain, and exhaustion to name a few. Thankfully, as the end of the first trimester draws near, the symptoms have mostly begun to subside with a few exceptions where some things seem to be getting worse.

The past few months have definitely flown by with a flurry of social gatherings among friends, sporting events, and one of us going to bed no later than 8:30 each night. We have witnessed the wedding of our good friends Christen & Jesse, trained for and run our first ever 5k together, celebrated Halloween, celebrated birthdays, a visit from Nana, attended a Colorado Rapids soccer game and a Colorado Avalanche hockey game, and seen The Lion King! Somehow we also managed to fit in a few prenatal appointments which included an ultrasound where we got to see our little Pumpkin for the first time! For those of you who are wondering, there were two arms, two legs, a beating heart, and a rather large alien shaped head. Everything else was a fairly indistinguishable blur.

We are currently looking forward to our annual Thanksgiving outdoor adventure! We’re taking a trip to Northwest Utah to visit Ashley National Forest (including the Flaming Gorge and the High Uintah Mountains), Dinosaur National Monument, and a few other local gems surrounding the “booming” town of Vernal, Utah. The dogs will be joining us on our adventure and we’re greatly looking forward to a family vacation filled with lots of outdoor fun and relaxation.


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